• Commit changes without leaving Sketch using our new quick commit window.
  • Create Collections faster by selecting layers to add first in the new "Create+Add” flow.
  • Update Library references by right-clicking a file and selecting Manage Libraries…" 


  • It’s now possible to deselect layers when Multi-selecting with shift + click.
  • We removed the 3 character minimum on project names.
  • Added a button to jump from Collections to inspect a layer.
  • Clicking on an annotation will now scroll so the comment is in view.
  • The Sketch plugin now communicates when a commit is happening in the background.
  • Comment and history panels are now resizable.
  • You’ll find that the color green throughout the app is a more accessible shade. 


  • Using the CMD+O shortcut from within a layer detail will now open the file for editing in Sketch.
  • We fixed several issues that could occur when opening Sketch files.
  • We now display an error when the Sketch plugin fails to install.
  • The text of an annotation is now selectable and copyable.
  • Fixed several areas where long file names could break the UI.
  • All warning dialogs now respect macOS guidelines and ESC can be used to cancel.
  • It’s now possible to create a project and import files while offline.
  • Fixed an issue that would make it impossible to rename files with a “|” character in the name.
  • Fixed an issue that would incorrectly display a “Sketch Not Installed” dialog.
  • Fixed several display issues when a contributor deletes their Abstract account.
  • Inspect: Fixed several issues with loading local overrides, layer style name, and text style names.
  • Inspect: Fixed an issue where “left” alignment would be displayed as “natural.”
  • Inspect: Generated CSS for gradients now respects overall opacity.
  • Inspect: It’s now possible to select and copy individual CSS properties.
  • Plugin: We improved dark mode support.
  • Plugin: We fixed an issue causing the Abstract plugin to stay on screen after the window is closed.
  • Plugin: Fixed an edge case that would allow commits to happen on the Master branch.

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