How to use Abstract:

  1. Create a Branch.
  2. Commit your changes.
  3. Request a design review.
  4. Merge your Branch to Master. 👈 You are here.

Once your Branch is reviewed and approved, you’re ready to merge your changes to Master. Merging a Branch makes those designs part of Master. Any Contributor can merge any Branch to Master.

💡Abstract tip: If you accidentally merge a Branch to Master, you can restore the Project's Master to a previous Commit.

How to merge a Branch to Master

To merge a Branch:

  1. Open the Abstract desktop app.
  2. Select the Project that contains the Branch you’d like to merge.
  3. Select Branches from the left side pane.
  4. Select the Branch you’d like to merge.
    • Note: You can merge child Branches into their parent Branch or parent Branches into Master.
  5. Click MERGE BRANCH in the top right corner.
    • You may need to update before you can merge. As you update, you’ll be notified if there are any conflicts to resolve.
  6. Leave a note for your team about what changes you’re merging.

You’ll find a record of your Merge in the Commit History.


Note: Merged Branches are automatically archived and you cannot unarchive them. If you want to keep working on a Branch you’ve just merged, create a new Branch from Master, which will include the changes you just merged. You can also create a new child Branch from a merged one.

What’s the difference between committing and merging?

Committing changes creates a bookmark you can come back to if needed. Committing doesn’t affect Master.

Merging a Branch makes the designs of that Branch part of Master.

How to restore Master to a previous Commit

With Abstract’s version control, you can revert a Project’s Master or your Branches to any previous Commit. Restoring a previous Commit returns the Master or your Branch to exactly how it looked at that point in time.

Any Contributor can restore Master. You can only restore Branches you own.

To restore a previous Commit:

1. Open the Abstract desktop app.
2. Select the Project you’d like to restore.
3. Select Master (to restore Master) or a Branch (to restore your Branch) from the left side pane.
4. Click the COMMITS tab at the top.
5. Select the Commit you’d like to restore to.
6. Click the clock icon in the top right.
7. Summarize why you’re restoring to this Commit.

This restore will be recorded in the Master or Branch History.


💡 Abstract tip: If you change your mind about restoring to a previous Commit, simply follow the instructions above to restore to a different Commit. Each Commit is a snapshot of the complete Project. You don’t lose any Commit History by restoring.

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