Log In to Abstract

Log In to Abstract using the Log In page on web or on desktop.

If you experience any hiccups while trying to log in, double-check your credentials or contact support for additional guidance.

Delete your account

Before deleting an organization, login to the Abstract desktop app to export your work.

  1. Right click your project(s).
  2. Select Export Project Files.
  3. Select a destination on your local disk.
  4. Click Export All.

Now that your work has been exported, you may delete your account:

  1. Select Personal Settings from the dropdown attached to your name in the desktop app.
  2. Next, select Would you like to completely remove your account?
  3. Confirm the action by typing Confirm Delete.

Remove personal data

Once you cancel and delete your account, Abstract will automatically remove your data from our system within 90 days.

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