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We created Collections to provide a flexible way to organize and present your work to stakeholders, colleagues, and clients. Use Collections to order your artboards in Abstract and move through workflows in presentation mode with an audience.

Upgrade to a Business subscription to use Collections on Branches you've made or in Master of a Project.

You can make Collections in Master or in any open Branch.

  1. Go to the Collections tab from Branch navigation or Master.
  2. Select New Collection.
  3. Use the checkbox beside the file name or page name to select all artboards in the respective file or page. Alternatively, use the checkbox in the upper-left corner of individual artboards to add them to a Collection at once.
  4. Click Continue to name and describe the Collection.
  5. Click Create & Add Items. This button will confirm the number of additions to the Collection.

The Slack Integration and Published Collections

Once you publish a Collection to your organization, it will create a Slack notification if your team Administrator has enabled that integration. Anyone mentioned in the description of the Collection will receive notifications in Abstract.


By default, each artboard will automatically update with the latest version as your team works on each artboard or symbol. You may also opt to keep that specific version of an artboard.

  1. Select the Collections tab from Branch navigation.
  2. Hover over an artboard to reveal the menu.
  3. Click the left icon to toggle automatic updates.

Collections Update from Master, too!

When you Update from Master, layers inside the Collections may update if they were changed and Merged to Master. Once you Merge to Master, the Branch Collection will remain associated with the Branch. Review the Collection from the archived Branch by going to Project > Branches > Archived and selecting the Collections tab on the appropriate Branch. 

Present Collections

Use presentation mode to showcase your work and move through workflows with stakeholders, colleagues, or clients. Presentation mode launches a full screen preview of your work. Use or in the upper left corner to exit presentation mode.

Select Presentation from the upper right corner of the Collection to begin a presentation. You may also start a presentation from a specific artboard.

    1. Select the Collections tab from Branch navigation.
    2. Hover over an artboard to reveal the menu.
    3. Click the right icon to open presentation mode from that specific artboard.

Presentation views

In presentation mode, view the body of work or individual artboards.

From the artboard grid in presentation view, select an artboard to view it more closely. To return to the grid view, select the grid icon in the upper-left corner.

Here, you also have the option to toggle Night Mode on while you're in presentation mode. Click the moon icon in the upper-right corner to enable or to swap back to Day Mode.

Individual Artboard View

From the individual artboard view, select the grid icon in the upper right for presentation overview.

There are two icons in the bottom right corner: The top shares artboard metadata details and the bottom toggles comments and annotations.

Use the annotation icon and commenting features just as you would without presentation mode.

Presentation Overview

From the presentation overview, click any artboard to view it individually. Manage preview sizes from the slider in the bottom right corner.

Use the arrows on either side of the screen to navigate between artboards.

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