Organization Settings

Administrators can edit your organization’s details, manage the Viewers and Contributors, change permissions, edit Project details, and update integrations.

You can conveniently access some settings throughout the Mac app. They’re also centrally located in the Abstract web app.

  • Use the People tab to invite, remove, and change roles for your team.
  • Use Organization Details to change the name and logo for your team. You can also delete your organization here.
  • Use Permissions to enable domain restrictions for new members and guests.
  • Use Integrations to manage Slack notifications for public and private channels. You can also set-up Project-specific notifications. This option is available for Busines or Enterprise subscriptions.
  • Use Billing to update payment methods, billing addresses, add VAT numbers, change your subscription, or cancel your account.

Delete an Organization

Before you delete your organization, export your work.

  1. Right click your project(s).
  2. Select Export Project Files.
  3. Select a destination on your local disk.
  4. Click Export All.

Now that your work has been safely exported from Abstract, you may delete your organization.

  1. Click Organization Details from the left-hand navigation of Abstract on web or desktop.
  2. Select Delete Organization and follow the prompts.

We're happy to listen to any feedback you may have about your experience so that we may improve.

Remove Organization Data

Once you cancel your account and delete your organization, Abstract will automatically remove your data from our system within 90 days. To expedite that process, contact support using the email address associated with your account and organization. We will then go through a checklist that ensures all data has been removed from Abstract.

Integrate Slack

Add the Slack integration to improve communication with your team about changes and updates in Abstract.

The Slack integration is available with Business and Enterprise subscriptions. Abstract is available in the Slack app directory.

To Integrate Abstract with Slack:

  1. Open Abstract app or visit your organization dashboard on web.
  2. Select the Integrations tab from the left-hand navigation.
  3. Click Connect to integrate with Slack.
  4. You'll be prompted to choose an organization and sign-in to add the integration.
  5. Adjust the integration settings by selecting a Default Slack Channel.
  6. Click Save Changes in the upper right corner.

Project specific updates

Once you have added the integration to your Slack team, you can manage settings for updates about specific projects in your organization.

  1. Open Abstract app or visit your organization dashboard on web.
  2. Select the Integrations tab from the left-hand navigation.
  3. Click Add Project Channel.

Now, you'll receive specific updates about a project in Slack.

By default, we turn off Slack notifications for private projects. You can toggle them on and off again in the Project Channels.

Private Projects

You can add the Abstract bot to any private channel, just as you would add another teammate to the private channel.

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