Request a Review

Use Review Requests to introduce transparent, collaborative design reviews to your teams. Review Requests can clearly signal when you need feedback from key stakeholders. For those more familiar with GitHub, a Review Request is similar to a Pull Request.

Easily see who requested changes, why they requested changes, when the designs were approved, and who approved them before you Merge to Master.

To request a review from a branch:

  1. Use Request Review… button in the upper-right corner or use the Branch status dropdown to select Request Review.
  2. Use the search bar to add reviewers.
  3. Select Request Review.

Once you request a review from people on your team, your Branch status changes to In Review and the Review Request button in the upper-right corner is gone.

If you start the review process before you're ready, update the Branch status and remove reviewers from the Overview tab. When you're ready for reviewers, add them back via the reviewers list in the Overview tab.

Reviewers and relevant documents will appear in the right-hand navigation of the branch overview, to provide context for reviewers.

  • Use Manage to add or remove reviews from that Branch.
  • Access Branch Collections.
  • Select changed files to quickly reference relevant designs.

Use Review Requests alongside Collections so reviewers can clearly see where they should focus their feedback.

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