Sync a Project

Select which Projects to sync to work on them with Abstract and access them offline.

Projects automatically sync when:

  • You join a new organization.
  • Someone in your organization creates a new Team Project.
  • Someone in your organization invites you to a Private Project.

Additionally, specify which Projects you would like to sync if you've stopped syncing them previously.

To sync a Project:

  1. Click the ••• menu on the Project card
  2. Select Sync Project

To stop syncing a Project:

  1. Click the ••• menu on the Project card
  2. Select Stop Syncing...
  3. Click the Stop Syncing... button in the window that appears

If a Project is not synced to your machine, it appears in an inactive, greyscale state on your dashboard and is automatically moved to the bottom of your Projects list. This will not impact your colleagues. If you stop syncing a Project, we clear those local files from your machine to free up space, so its best to stop syncing Projects when you don't need regular access to them.

⚠️ If you stop syncing a Project, it will clear local files from your machine, commit all work you'd like to keep before you stop syncing a Project.

Troubleshooting Sync Issues

If you've noticed Abstract is out of sync, try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Logout of Abstract
  2. Restart your computer
  3. Relaunch Abstract and login
  4. Click Retry from the syncing menu
  5. From the syncing menu, use ••• and select Restart Incomplete
  6. Commit or discard uncommitted changes on your computer(s)

After these steps, go to Help > Save Debug Report... to send us your debug report. Let us know the name of the organization, Project, and Branch where you're experiencing trouble.

If you do this within ~3 minutes of trying the above steps, any errors causing the syncing issues should show up in the report. From there, we can offer customized troubleshooting steps based on what's happening.

Archive a Project

Project Administrators can Archive a Project if your team no longer needs quick access to that Project. Once you Archive a Project, it'll move from the active Projects dashboard to the Archived Projects dashboard. Archiving Projects keeps your Abstract dashboard clean and organized. Additionally, you can stop archiving the Project whenever you like.

To Archive a Project:

  1. Click the ••• menu on the Project card.
  2. Select Archive Project from the drop-down menu.

Archiving a Project will keep it synced to your machine. To clear the local versions of that Project from your computer, stop syncing the Project.

Transfer a Project

Projects can be transferred to and from any organization—including personal organizations.

To transfer a Project, you must be an Administrator for the Project's current organization and a member of the receiving organization. When a Project is transferred, its privacy settings are reset and it is visible to all members of the receiving organization. Previous Project members will not be able to access the Project unless they are also members of the receiving organization.

Once the transfer is complete, organizations subscribed to the Business plan can set the Project to private and invite guests to collaborate.

To transfer from one organization to another:

  1. Click the home icon in the Abstract titlebar.
  2. Click Organization Details from the left-hand navigation. The Abstract web app will open in a browser window.
  3. Select Projects from the left-hand navigation.
  4. Select the Project you wish to transfer.
  5. Click Project Settings from the left-hand navigation.
  6. Click Transfer Project.

To transfer from a personal account to an organization:

  1. Access your personal workspace in the web app.
  2. Select Projects from the left-hand navigation
  3. Select the Project you wish to transfer.
  4. Click Project Settings from the left-hand navigation.
  5. Click Transfer Project.

Export Projects

You can export all files from a Project:

  1. Select ••• on a Project card
  2. Select Export Project Files...
  3. Choose a directory to export the files and select Export All

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