Types of Projects

In Abstract, there are Team Projects, Private Projects, and Personal Projects. We use Projects to refer to any type of Project.

Team Projects

Team Projects are spaces each organization can create to organize their work and initiatives. Some organizations use Team Projects to manage specific products or platforms, and others use them to separate client work. A Team Project is accessible to all Members within their respective organizations. You can also invite Guests to team Projects.

Private Projects

Private Projects are available for organizations subscribed to the Business plan. These are also used to organize work and initiatives for organizations. A Private Project is only accessible to Members or Guests who have been specifically invited.

Personal Projects

Personal Projects are only accessible in the personal workspace for each person with an Abstract account. To access Personal Projects, use the drop-down menu located in the center of the Abstract titlebar and select Your Personal Projects.

Create a Project

Contributors can create new Team Projects. Contributors will see a selectableNew Project button and Viewers will see a grey button.

To create a new project as a contributor, select the New Project button in the right corner of the desktop app.

Customization options for Projects include:

  • Title.
  • Description.
  • Project color
  • Privacy Project option for Business subscriptions. 

As a Viewer, your role needs to be updated to Contributor in order to create a new Project. Viewers can create unlimited Personal Projects.

Import Files

Once you create a new Project, you can add or create files right from the empty project dashboard. Import when you have existing files you’d like to work with. Create when you want to start from scratch. Either option will add the file to Master, your source of truth.

When you create a new project, you'll see two buttons in the middle of the screen: Import Sketch File or Create Sketch File.

Use Import Sketch File when you have existing files you'd like to work with.

Select Create Sketch File when you want to start from scratch. A window will open and provide a place for you to name your file. You can also choose to use that file as a Library File from that window.

Either option will add the file to Master, your source of truth. Then, you can Branch from Master to start designing.

Import Files to Existing Projects

You can also add files directly to Master or to individual branches after you’ve created a project.

In both instances:

  1. From the left-hand navigation of the Project, select Master or the specific branch you created where you would like to add files.
  2. Click the Add File button.
  3. Select an option from the drop-down menu.

Supported File Types

We currently support Sketch file types. In the future, we hope to offer more file types to better serve the Abstract community.

If you'd like to see support for a file type, feel free to contact support.

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