Master is a space in each Project for finalized, approved versions of work. Branch from Master to start work and Merge to Master when your work is the final, approved version. This way, your colleagues will know where to reference the most recent, approved file version and they can update their own work to reflect those versions.

Any Contributor can Merge to Master. 

Replace a File

In some instances, you may find it useful to replace a file stored in Abstract.

  1. Navigate to the Files tab in the Branch you are working on.
  2. Right click on the file you wish to replace.
  3. Choose Replace.
  4. Pick the file from your computer.
  5. A new Commit will be created that shows the changes that were made.

Use the history of the Branch or Project to reference the version of the file that was replaced, at any time.

Export Files

You can also export files from a Project, Master, or any Branch.

Export Individual Files

  1. Select the Files tab.
  2. Right-click on the file name.
  3. Select Export from the drop-down menu to choose a file location.

Currently, Abstract only supports Sketch files. We hope to add more soon! Stay tuned for updates.

All Project Files

To export all files from a specific Project:

  1. Select ••• on a Project card.
  2. Select Export Project Files.
  3. Choose a directory to export the files and select Export All.

Back-up Files

We store your work locally in a temporary location on the hard disk of your computer. 

After each Commit, your changes sync to our servers and your teammates’ computers. Additionally, we automatically back everything up redundantly on our servers. We run all of our infrastructure through Amazon Web Services (AWS), US East. 

Because your files are stored locally, you are able to work offline whenever you like. It also means we’ve got your back if you suddenly lose service when you pass through a tunnel on a train in Switzerland.

⚠️ Moving or altering your files from the Applications Support folder could cause problems when you use Abstract. 

Take extra steps to make sure your work is backed-up. For Abstract, we recommend backing up your documents like you would your entire computer. Just make sure your backup system includes the Application Support folder on your Mac.

To use other cloud services, you can export your files to upload as a backup.

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