• Made several changes to improve the speed and concurrency of preview uploads, particularly when syncing large commits
  • Improved filtering of debug logs to remove false positives to ensure only logs from Abstract or Sketch are included
  • Altered the logic around restarting Sketch after it has crashed, making file opening more reliable


  • Fixed an issue that would cause files to not open, with no visible error, when clicking "Edit in Sketch"
  • Collections are no longer confusingly displayed on the branch overview when your team is on a Starter subscription
  • Comments with long words and URLs will no longer overflow the window bounds when editing
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a forever-spinner on “Master files” when all files in a project are removed
  • Fixed invisible background not ignored on artboard in Inspect
  • Fixed artboard preview sidebars animating in at different speeds
  • Fixed a “Something went wrong” error on Collections when the author of the collection had been removed from the project
  • Fixed an issue where annotations would incorrectly show on file upgraded commits if they had been made on the previous commit

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