New Features
  • Review Requests streamline your design review process and set expectations for feedback
  • Comment History now show layers' full comment history across all commits
  • A shiny new “Highlight changed values” toggle in Inspect makes it easy to see which layers or properties have changed since the most recent commit
  • You can now view all keyboard shortcuts from the help menu or by pressing CMD+/
  • Improved sync performance (We're now serving your project data via CDN)
  • The commit composer received a facelift: You can also now click on thumbnails to see them larger and compare against the previous version before committing
  • Individual file changes can now be discarded from the commit composer
  • Stale branches are no longer hidden on the project overview
  • Project cards now show a more accurate representation of who is working on a project
  • We updated the styling of share buttons to be more clear
  • Editing the project “About” section is now inline
  • Synced Collections are now available offline
  • Improved performance of comment loading
  • Improved performance of notifications loading
  • Abstract will now offer to move itself to your Applications folder if ran from elsewhere 
  • Fixed an issue that would cause deleted layers to return during a merge under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue that would make it impossible to navigate through layers while in overlay compare mode
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the desktop app to appear as “Offline" despite being successfully connected to a network
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent commits from uploading to the server if you signed out of your account before the sync had completed
  • Fixed an issued to prevent losing changes by linking or unlinking a library file while there are outstanding uncommitted changes
  • Fixed an issue where previews would not generate while offline
  • Fixed an issue that would cause previews on a branch to disappear until the app is reloaded after discarding changes
  • Fixed an issue where the unread notification badge would incorrectly display after viewing notifications through the web app
  • We added a safeguard to prevent merging a branch twice by clicking the Merge button in quick succession
  • There were a number of places where you couldn’t select text. Now you can select to your hearts content
  • You can now delete a project that was created offline and never synced with the server
  • Libraries in the file list are now sorted alphabetically 

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