New Features
  • We added support for shared text and layer styles in Sketch 51
  • A refined flow for upgrading Sketch files between versions
  • Support for seat based billing
  • Performance improvements in the layer detail, you should see less spinners and get to your artboards faster.
  • Added CMD+C to quickly copy the text from a layer in Inspect
  • The branch overview tab got a spruce up for quick access to changed files, collections and a larger area for the branch summary
  • We now warn you when quitting the app with uncommitted changes, just to be safe
  • We added the ability to inspect the root layer in a canvas and measure against it in Inspect, keep the feedback coming!
  • Improved support for system proxy settings
  • We fixed some measurement issues in Inspect with groups
  • It’s no longer quite as easy to create two branches with the same name by accident
  • Fixed an issue that could result in the UI getting stuck “generating previews” when quitting while this action was in progress.
  • Crash when inspecting borders with gradients

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