New Features

  • Introducing: Inspect. Receive measurements, redlines, and styles from any layer in Abstract


  • The previews cache now clears for merged and archived branches
  • Links to specific comments can now be generated
  • Comments briefly highlight when navigating to them 
  • People and Members tabs now display when a colleague joined the organization, not Abstract itself
  • Improved language in notifications for when members are added to or removed from a project
  • Various performance wins when syncing a branch


  • Improved reliability when syncing branch metadata changes with our servers
  • Eliminated a potential race condition that could result in files appearing as both changed and unchanged
  • Unread notification count now updates correctly
  • Collection layers no longer display as “removed” after creating a commit while viewing the Collections tab
  • Corrected the text color on the network indicator for syncing
  • Corrected project icons in some activity items
  • Improved handling of offline state when loading comments
  • Comments no-longer include-excessive-hyphen-ation
  • Designs are now pixel perfect when zooming past 100%
  • The layer set is now preserved when changing tab in LayerDetail
  • Update Flow window no longer closes when using the up/down arrow keys
  • Resolved an issue that made it possible to post a comment twice
  • Resolved an issue where the wrong file would open in Sketch after restoring a commit or using the commit to a new branch function
  • Resolved an issue that prevented all comments in a Collection presentation from being visible
  • Resolved an issue where the app prompted users to commit "empty" changes
  • Resolved an issue that could result in the app displaying as "in sync" while untrue after starting online

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