New Features
  • We rebuilt how Collections load data to vastly their improve speed and reliability
  • Shipped iconography updates
  • Added the ability to hold SPACE+drag to pan in the layer detail
  • Added the ability to resize sidebars for commits, files, and collections
  • Updated the project list item styling so it no longer repeats “No description”
  • Improved toast notification behavior for clarity 
  • We added support for upcoming server maintenance to ensure that you can continue working uninterrupted if the Abstract platform is temporarily out of service.
  • Improved preview generation speeds
  • Automatically hide presentation controls in Collections so designs are unobstructed
  • It’s now possible to edit branch comments and any comment of your own that appears in an activity feed
  • Added tooltips to branch names in the sidebar
  • Draft comments and commit messages now persist when reloading the app
  • An issue that could cause the Abstract plugin and toolbar to not load correctly in Sketch
  • An issue that would cause some UI preferences to be forgotten
  • An issue that caused ESC to not correctly close the layer detail when comment form is focused

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