Hey everyone 👋and thanks for reading the release notes! I know you’re all busy so here’s the high-level overview: this release is all about sync speeds and reliability. We’ve increased syncing speeds in most cases, improved reliability, and reduced how often you need to sync.

There are a ton of other improvements, too. If you’re interested, keep reading to see if your favorite bug has been squashed. Don’t see it here? Let us know as always by replying in the chat or support@goabstract.com.


  • Improved display, rendering speeds, and scrolling for large commits.
  • Added fancy math to reduce preview syncing, uploading them sooner to reduce loading time.
  • We reduced unnecessary syncing in multiple areas in the client - previously sometimes we’d upload more often than needed to be “safe” - the app is now smarter in these situations 
  • Improved saving in Sketch with cmd+s to reduce overall save times. Use cmd+s then Preview & Commit your work. 


  • Hopeful fix for an error that could only be resolved by unsyncing and resyncing the project, which we hope to never tell anyone again.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause loss of pages or layers during merges if multiple teammates merged rapidly. 
  • Fixed an issue where projects wouldn't load after being invited to it without restarting the app.
  • Abstract now respects the system language settings for spellcheck. Spell it color or colour, we won’t judge! 
  • Fixed several more crashes in the Sketch plugin.
  • Fixed a few instances where the plugin would cause a Sketch crash. 
  • Changed handling of external library symbols so that they are not marked as changed unnecessarily.
  • Fixed an issue that disabled the “Remove from project” menu item when removing a teammate from a private project.
  • Fixed an issue where Sketch wouldn’t close and update reliably. 
  • Improved how we rename files so the dialog focuses on existing file name and won’t allow for names with only spaces as characters. 
  • Improved handling of network errors that would pop up with the share button; sharing is disabled on commits until it has synced.
  • Improved handling of merges and updates when Sketch hangs or Abstract loses communication with Sketch. 
  • Improved various aspects of UI and UX for clarity and usability.



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