Hello again! I come bearing gifts of new Abstract fixes and features.
We’re currently focused on performance and stability so you can mainly expect a faster loading app with fewer bugs from this release. We did sneak in a few goodies though…
As always if you have problems or questions please send us a message through the in-app chat or an email to support@goabstract.com.


  • Improved the view for reviewing a branch update. It now more correctly shows non-visual changes and includes the ability to open the updated file in Sketch to preview the update.
  • We added improved zoom controls in the layer detail. You can now zoom in steps and past 100% in both the design and compare tab. 🔎
  • Reduced updater notifications. We’ll now only tell you about an update once per-session and once downloaded the update is automatically installed next time you start the app.


  • Various Sketch plugin fixes related to linked libraries
  • Unable to access project that was created offline until restarting the app... 
  • Previews not generating while offline
  • Fixed an issue that could make it impossible to discard changes
  • Fixed a rare bug where people can't commit, or viewing commits results in an endless spinner 
  • Fixed an issue that would cause collection thumbnails to show the wrong preview images
  • Visual and aesthetic fixes in collection presentation mode
  • Syncing behavior and speed improvements (more to come in the next build!)
  • A big mixture of performance improvements


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