A guide to troubleshooting

👋Hello! Thanks for stopping by. You're probably here because something isn't working the way you expect it to. We're here to help!


🔄 Syncing issues and network errors

If you've noticed Abstract is out of sync, try these troubleshooting steps: 

  • Logout of Abstract
  • Restart your computer
  • Relaunch Abstract and login
  • Click Retry from the syncing menu
  • From the syncing menu, use ••• and select Restart Incomplete
  • Commit or discard uncommitted changes on your computer(s)
After these steps, go to Help > Save Debug Report... to send us your debug report. Let us know the name of the organization, project, and branch where you're experiencing trouble. 
If you do this within ~3 minutes of trying the above steps, any errors causing the syncing issues should show up in the report. From there, we can offer customized troubleshooting steps based on what's happening. 


💥 Has something crashed?

Yikes! Crashes aren't fun and they do happen on occasion. It could be Abstract, Sketch, or even another Sketch plugin.

Help us discover the source of any crash by copy/pasting the crash report into a TextEdit document. Then send the crash log to the support team

Crash reports are automatically available on your computer, too. Use Spotlight to search for this folder and share crashes specifically related to Sketch or Abstract: ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/


🤔 Artboards or symbols show as changed, but shouldn't

This typically happens when the metadata of a Sketch file is updated by another Sketch plugin.

👉The best option is simple: toggle other plugins on/off until you find the culprit. 

To take a closer look: 

  1. Go to Help > Toggle Developer Menu
  2. Locate an artboard preview in Abstract that was unexpectedly shown as changed. 
  3. Right-click to select Open Debugging Diff from the menu. 
  4. A webpage with lots of code will open. Go to File > Save Page As in your browser to save and send it to support for deciphering


🚨Could not connect to Abstract plugin

Sketch introduced a Safe Mode feature when they released version 51. If Sketch crashes, the next time it is opened, it's in Safe Mode, meaning plugins are disabled.

The Could not connect to Abstract plugin error should resolve if you enable the Abstract plugin in Sketch again (Sketch > Preferences > Plugins). You can also restart both Sketch and Abstract and this should re-enable your plugins.


🔎 Something else?  

If your issue isn’t on this list, send us the debug reports within ~3 minutes of experiencing the issue. We've made this as easy as possible: 

  1. Open Abstract 
  2. Go to the Help > Save Debug Report…
  3. Send it to support with a description of what happened leading up to that moment.

The more details you are able to share about your experience, the better. 

  • 📹Screencasts and screenshots can be ridiculously helpful.
  • 🙈Unable to share visuals? Share as many details about what happened leading up to that moment as possible. 
    • What buttons did you click? 
    • What is the name of the organization, project, and branch?
    • What specifically happened? For example, did you see a seemingly endless loading wheel?
    • Are you blocked from working? 
    • What size files are you working with? 

The information you share with us about bugs can go a long way in helping us resolve them for everyone. We know it’s an extra step in your day. We sincerely appreciate your time and help.


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